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What is this lady talking about?













BRCA 1 positive.


I had genetic testing in early 2008 that identified my BRCA 1 mutation.  It puts me at a very high risk for breast and ovarian cancer and I am unwilling to accept it.  I have had a prophylactic bi-lateral mastectomy and a salpingo-oophorectomy to show BRCA 1 that I am changing the odds.  I often struggle with the process, and this is a way for me to “get it all out”.

That is the smallest part of who I am.  I am also a wife and mother, and I find those descriptions much more important.  The journey of preventative surgery put a bump in my last year, but I tried to keep it as normal as possible for all of us.  I struggle with that too. 

I Did the Laundry is my outlet and expression.  Sometimes about my health.  Sometimes about my kids.  Sometimes about my husband.  But always about moving beyond my genes.



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